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Little Hands Support Programs and Initiatives

We offer several different programs as a way to provide responsive and personalized support to our Heroes and their families.


BackPack Program 

*sponsored by Windsor Micro Medical Devices

When a new Hero is nominated to Little Hands, they are sent a backpack containing their Hero tees, comfort items, toys, gift cards, homemade cards, our customized clothing to accommodate any medical lines and anything else we know will assist them. We call these  'Welcome Packs'. We also send 'Smile Packs' to Heroes who are being admitted for surgeries or treatments, which contain similar items as our Welcome Packs. They are meant to let our Heroes know that they are not alone and provide comfort and smiles during their stay.


Gift Card and Hospital Admission Program

To assist our Hero families, we offer gift cards to help with travel and food costs for medical appointments and admissions. We also assist with costs associated with Ronald McDonald House or hotel costs, as well as travel costs, associated with VIA or other means.


Meal Programs

To assist families who are struggling with a recent diagnosis, discharge, or illness, we organize meal programs for Heroes. We will provide essential groceries, along with prepared meals or an organized "meal train" to alleviate stress and allow the family to focus on the important task of caring for their child and healing,  rather than worrying about meals.


Toy Drive and North Pole Programs

Each year, we organize a massive toy drive to collect and donate toys to local hospitals and RMH, along with several organizations that provide therapies and services to our Heroes and others. We also set up a “North Pole” for our families, to allow them to come and choose gifts for their children. We hope that these gifts help to provide a bit of a boost over the holidays for our families as we know how stressful the holidays can be. 


UnZip/UnSnap Your SuperPower Tees and Pjs Program

With the help of our Hero Mighty Megan, and her incredible family, we have designed t-shirts and pajamas that have been altered to accommodate ports, PICC lines, IVs, g-tubes and dialysis tubes. These t-shirts and pjs are donated to our Heroes, local paediatric units and organizations that assist or provide therapy to children facing life-threatening illnesses and are also being provided to adult cancer clinics and dialysis units.


Bereavement Costs Program

If a child passes away, we can assist with the costs associated with bereavement. Should a family need assistance, we will contact the funeral home directly and provide the necessary assistance. We understand the importance of allowing a family to grieve, and a funeral is one way to do that. Costs associated with funeral arrangements are often prohibitive, so to alleviate the financial stress, we will quietly step in and ensure the balance is paid. 


Believe You Can Hero Calendar Program

Each year we create a calendar featuring our Heroes. This is one of our favourite initiatives and allows our Heroes to truly showcase their greatest dreams and hopes for their futures. A huge thank you to Blue Rose Designs Inc. for the amazing photography and for helping us create our vision for this calendar. 


Emergency Fund Program

Should a family find themselves in financial emergency, we can provide gift cards and fresh food to their doorstep to ensure that our Heroes do not go without. As well, if medication, therapy or medical equipment is not covered by private insurance or OHIP, we will provide up to $1000 donation directly to the hospital etc. to help cover the costs. 


Group Therapy Support Sessions Program

We understand the stress that a medical diagnosis can bring to a family. We also understand that mental health is health. As such, we have organized group therapy support sessions for any Little Hands parent/caregivers. These sessions are virtual in nature and cover a variety of topics such as PTSD, Coping with Anxiety, Grief and Bereavement and Caregiver Burnout. A therapist facilitates the session and our families are provided with a safe place to talk and hear helpful solutions to assist with managing their well-being.



If you would like to sponsor one of our programs, please reach out! We are incredibly thankful for our past and current sponsors!


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